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  1. For French women, fashion is closely defined by many “rules” of how to dress and appear elegant. After watching hours of French you-tubers, reading book up on book on French style, and combing through all the information, I’ve pulled 9 ultimate tips for getting that French Chic Parisian style in your own wardrobe. As we showcased here, basically everyone in France owns some type of stripe sweater. It makes sense given that the ideal style feels low-key yet polished. Parisian women do not wear clothes with logos and brand names shown distinctly. To have style, women should know how you wear clothes, and Parisians do not consider it stylish or tasteful to display brand names on your clothes. I loved the Netflix series “Call my Agent”. So accurate as to the way Parisienne women dress. Also very little or no make-up! I have found that French style varies from region to region. In the south the way women dress is much more laid back. In some regions in France the dress code can be quite conservative. I would agree that french women seem to have smaller wardrobes and often quite classic except in St.Tropez when some of the styles are positively Bohemian.
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